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Help your vehicle by getting your undercoating done at Northern Tire!

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Today’s dollar needs to go farther than it ever has. When you are purchasing a new vehicle there are certain steps that can be done to ensure the dollars you’ve spent will indeed go far. Vehicle undercoating is one of those measures. An option that can be applied to any vehicle by trained professionals, this product will ensure your new car or truck lasts longer by protecting the underbody from corrosion.

What is Vehicle Undercoating?
Undercoating is a corrosion resistant product that is sprayed onto the underbody of your vehicle, including the floor pans, frame and rocker panels as well as the wheel wells, truck floor and exposed electrical system. This coating will protect your vehicle’s undercarriage from the effects of moisture and dirt, as well as the damaging results of salt.

Undercoating should be applied as early as possible to give your vehicle maximum protection. In climates where road salt is used in plentiful amounts this level of protection is necessary to prolong the life of your vehicle and improve the reliability.

Other Advantages
Vehicle undercoating can also help preserve the value of your vehicle. If you are reselling rust spots will lower the vehicle’s value and chase away potential buyers. Even if undercoating is not a particular selling feature, the absence of corrosion damage on the underbody is attractive for both private buyers and dealers.

Undercoating may also cut down on road noise. A particular problem for certain compact vehicles, road noise can be distracting and even dangerous. The application of undercoating can reduce the level of noise down to something much more tolerable and safe. This added benefit is helpful for new drivers especially.

It is an added cost, but well worth the investment when purchasing a new vehicle. Whether you will be driving it for years or plan on selling after a few seasons, vehicle undercoating is a smart option.

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