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Farm Tires

Farm Tires in Colebrook, NH

Improve Farm Equipment Performance

Farm tractors are high horsepower machines that need good tires for speed, traction, and overall performance. That's why Northern Tire gives you access to new farm tires from major manufacturers.

Don’t neglect your AG tires. When your tread level is low, contact Northern Tire for replacement tires. We help farmers like you increase the productivity and performance of your equipment in the Great North Woods Region. 

We serve Colebrook, NH, Pittsburg, NH, and even Coaticook, Quebec. 

Call (603) 237-8105 now to talk with a friendly member of our farm tire department.

How to Shop for Farm Tires

When it's time to shop for agricultural tires, think about what you need out of your next purchase. As farm equipment technology improves, so does AG tire technology. There's a wide selection of farm tires for sale that give you the opportunity to maximize performance. 

At the same time, so many options can be overwhelming when you're trying to keep downtime to a minimum. Consider the following when choosing the best farm tire for your application:

Farm Tires in Coaticook, QC

    1. Environment: What's the purpose of your tractor or other farm equipment? Where you travel plays a role in determining how much tread depth you'll need. Tractors that frequently move over road do better with different tires than tractors operating in normal conditions.

    2. Load Index: Safety is always important, and that means installing a tire built to carry the weight of your equipment and whatever you haul. Overloaded tires have decreased performance and wear out faster if they don't fail before then. Always choose a tire designed for your application.

    3. Value: Cheap farm tires might save you cash but not offer the best performance in different conditions like adverse weather or difficult terrain. Consider the expected tread life and performance capabilities of any farm tire when making a decision. This ensures greater satisfaction with your purchase, whether that's spending less now or more for optimal tire life and performance.

The Northern Tire staff is ready to assist you in your search for the best farm tires and farm tire value. Our inventory includes options for reduced wear, added traction, greater fuel efficiency, reduced soil compaction, and improved load carrying capabilities. All tires are composed of a heavy duty rubber compound for long lasting tread life and long-running equipment.

What are your specific agricultural applications? Every farm tire at our shop offers unique advantages. The farm tires at our shop fit a range of machinery. They'll work for a range of jobs from simple haying to harvesting and cultivating.

Farm Equipment Tires in Colebrook, NH

We stock tires for a variety of farm equipment

Contact Northern Tire for:

  • Tractors
  • Sprayers
  • Handlers
  • Backhoes
  • Cultivators
  • Sorters
  • Harvesters
  • Trailers
  • Combines

Farm and agricultural equipment is designed to handle 1 specific tire size. Using the wrong size tires can damage your equipment. We’ll help you find the correct size tires.

Always replace a tire with another tire of exactly the same bead diameter designation and suffix letters.

Our farm tires are from the industry’s best brands. Work confident with quality products from a reputable name, where quality is never compromised. Give us a call at (603) 237-8105 to start your search. We serve areas in New Hampshire and Quebec, Canada

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